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Right now humanity is going through massive changes. This is not just another random statement taken after analyzing tech growth in the 1980’s or early 2000’s even. This time it’s real!

Just think about this: according to Ray Kurzweil, Chief Engineer at Google, thanks to the Law of Accelerating Returns, roughly all the technological progress we have experienced in the last two decades (1995 to 2015) will be compressed into something like the next 5 years or less!

This is just crazy, it means that the Internet and smartphone revolutions (plus the rest of tech progress) combined  will happen not in 20 years but in 5 years or less!

Watch the following short video to learn more:

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Why do you think exponential change has anything to do with you? Think about the impact that this has on all types of industries. Here’s an example of what’s going on with Uber, an Internet company that is replacing traditional taxis around the world:



As you can see, emerging technologies and creative models such as Uber’s can be disruptive: they significantly improve existing business models, which may not be well received by incumbents.

It is not hard to imagine then, that given the speed of change, it is becoming harder to prepare for what’s ahead.

Unsurprisingly, companies, especially tech companies report that they are having a hard time finding graduates who have the precise set of skills they are looking for. These two slides tell the story which can be confirmed by recruiters around the world:

Skills gap


There is a skills gap, that is, companies are not finding the employees they need. This is significant because it means that available positions are either taking a long time to fill or are going unfilled altogether. This costs the company, and it means that economic growth is slowed.

The other side of this is that, in many countries, there is growing youth unemployment and underemployment, which comes back to you (and all of us, of course).

We need to be focusing on the type of work that will be available in the next 2, 3, 4, 5 years (depending on when you will start working).

That’s exactly what we’re here for…